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Welcome to the new
Multipla Owners Club UK website...

(Our thanks go to "Oddbod" for all his excellent work over the years and for the use of the existing content.)

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Love it, or loathe it, there is something about a Multipla!

Whether you buy a petrol or diesel derivative is your choice but they all come with that certain something that no one else has...six full size seats, good handling, and those looks! Even the later "nose jobs" have still got that certain something. It may be the stance it may be its poise, who can say? But, whatever it is, somewhere within this site you will find that many people love their "Multi's" and are willing to offer help and advice, to all who need it, on anything MULTI!

Checkout the forum...for help, checkout events, for the UBB (watch the video it makes more sense of the day) and if you have to do a repair to "your beloved" (Multi, NOT the other half) then grab your camera, take some pix and stick it into a word document and send it to me at this address: moriartywalton@yahoo.co.uk If its useful and believe me it probably will be to someone, then we may use it on the site probably in the "stuff!" section. Finally, any good Multi related pix go to the new Pictures section, sign up to Flickr and post them in the Multipla section for all to see, it takes a matter of minutes and gets your "Multi" out there!


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Recall Warning Notice
Multipla recall for failing road springs
If you own an early JTD Multipla and the chassis number
(on your V5) is between ZFA 18600 002026501 and
ZFA 18600 002234408 visit your dealer for replacement
road springs before they break.
A broken spring can damage the tyre and may cause
the car to be uncontrollable

Recall Warning Notice
Multipla's with rear disc brakes
Damage to the rear brake pipes can cause brake failure.
If you have rear disc brakes than have them
checked by Fiat under recall DH2213510

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