Typical songs include (but not limited to) as follows:

Wild Rover

Irish Rover

Fisherman’s Blues

Whiskey in the jar (Tribute to Phil Lynott, in the style of Thin Lizzy)

Cockles & Muscles

Star of the county down

Losing my religion

Pub with no beer

Tell me ma

Dirty ole toon

Tulsa time

Swing Low

Saw her standing there

All along the watchtower

Duelling banjos (yes really)!

Fog on tha tyne

Sometimes (cracking song by Duncan)

Come up and see me

Mustang Sally (when we run out of material)

Sweet home Alabama

etc. etc.


They have many more songs either in, out or around the current set list and are always open to suggestions, requests etc. The last Beer Festival in Gilmorton, resulted in them playing not only 2 1/2 hours planned mayhem, but also an additional set (45 mins) of extra material - all requests.  This was at the request of the landlord, and consequently, every last drop of beer had gone!

They can even do rock songs too!  Quite often Dave will switch from Mandolin to acoustic bass, to cater for these kind of songs but can and often does, play them on Mandolin - something that always ignites a reaction!

Duncan can replicate any kind of guitar style, even on acoustic and can pull out all the stops on slide playing, flying across the room and playing the guitar on the bar! He is the ultimate show man - if you can image rock and roll folk, this is it!

Then you have Warren Mee - what a drummer! To play drums in this context is pretty unheard of, but he does this in a way that compliments the music to such a degree you cannot believe you are listening to an acoustic three piece!

Unique is not the word, perhaps extraordinary - yes. Song choice and delivery are key factors in the sound of this band, both are equally as important!
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